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Near Dry Machining (MQL)



The revolutionary system for internal and external high-end Near Dry Machining applications.
MKD-Dual is the ready-to-go solution for the most demanding and high performance near-dry machining applications requiring internal, thru-the-tool minimal quantity lubrication.
Thanks to state of the art aerosol generation technology and its auto-adaptive system, MKD-Dual is suited both to new machine installations saving substantial capital costs on coolant equipment and retrofit installations where existing spindle and coolant piping can be used to channel aerosol lubrication to the tool tip.
Particle profiling

Ultra-fine aerosol particles are the key to good through the tool minimal lubrication. In fact, sub micron particles are key to successful high end application - where the aerosol is delivered through a rotating tool and spindle arrangement. MKD-Dual uses a sub micron aerosol particle profiling plate positioned at the Venturi-generator outlet to create micro-particles and filter out large particles back to tank.



The auto-adaptive system is a feature not found elsewhere that means no adjustment between tool changes.


How it works - Aerosol generators base on the Venturi principle have non linear aerosol generation. Importantly, at low linear velocity air flow through the Venturi the aerosol quality starts to degrade.
The problem is solved system by implementing a piloted arrangement that automatically optimizes the internal choice of aerosol generator according to the air flow required by the cutting tool used. This means a good aerosol quality whatever cutting tool is working at any given time.
Not only does this give better aerosol generation, but you don't need complex regulations between tool changes (common in other systems)