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Near Dry Machining (MQL)

The Dropsa MQL Application Consultation


- Reduce work cycle times, generally by 25% to 80%.
- Increase tool life thus increasing time between tool change and gainproductivity. 
- Better surface finish and tolerances can be achieved. 
- Eliminate coolant - make your plant more environmentally friendly.
- Parts finish machining with a fine rust inhibiting oil coating - not coolant contamination. 
- Water and oil consumption drastically reduced.
- Our technology works on diverse materials and machining operations.
- Eliminate capital cost of high pressure thru-tool coolant system on new systems.
- Side-by-side Implementation parallel to existing coolant system gives you peace of mind and maximum flexibility.
- MKD DUAL Uses Patented Auto-adaptive technology eliminating complex and continual adjustment between tool change.
- No complicated electronic control systems needed thanks to the patented Auto-adaptive system.


The Dropsa MQL Application Consultation

Implementation Process

  • Customer selects Manufacturing Part/Process to convert to MQL
  • Dropsa analyze current Manufacturing Process
  • Identify tooling and machine weak points and potential improvement
  • Design MQL compatible tooling and coatings to optimize application results.
  • Monitor tool life for improvement versus traditional coolant systems
  • Follow up MQL training on client's machine operators to render customer fully autonomous in present and future MQL applicatins and tooling design