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Continuous Casting with Dual Line Greasing System

Casting grease: continuous casting with dual line greasing system

Typical Characteristics of Casting application:

- Slow rotation,
- High temperatures
- Corrosive process water ingress.

Dropsa has brought innovation to Grease system design, reliability and monitoring  to traditional Casting applications. In this application example – a traditional grease system – high reliability and ease of maintenance was achieved by using both modular pump package and modular divider valves.  A flow monitoring system allows the user to know exactly how much grease is being injected in each segment of the machine


System Overview:

  • Total Number of Points:            from 300 to 400
  • Total Number of Segments:      from 12 to 36
  • Lubricant :                                NLGI-2; KHC25
  • Grease Volume per cycle:         1÷cc/stroke
  • Operating Frequency:               min: 30 min, max: 1h
  • Length of system:                    25÷30mt

This case application was implemented using :

Benefits achieved

  • High reliability pump package solution with built in redundancy for 24 hour operation.
  • Easy swap out of pump modules on maintenance schedules
  • Quick, reliable and clean change-out of divider valves during maintenance
  • flexibility in design and increased performance over traditional and competitor products
  • A flow monitoring panel that gives electronic monitoring of the volume of grease injection during each lubrication cycle
  • Flow monitoring provides grease consumptions for each segment.
  • Quick diagnostic of any potential problems.

System design

Casting grease

Dual Line Divider


Dual line Flow monitor


Tubing /fitting



Dual line greasing system