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4/2 Modular Directional Valve

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Modular Directional Valve
Modular Directional Valve with modular base

A modular solenoid directional valve for oil and grease in Dual Line and hydraulic systems for pressure up to 400 bar (5880 psi)

- Max. delivery (Oil 100 cSt): 40L/min. (10.56 GPM)
- Manual override force requirement: 14 [email protected] bar
- Max. operating pressure: 400 bar (5880 psi)
- Lubricant: Oil min. 32 cSt max. 1000 cSt Grease max. NLGI 2
- Port (R - P - 1 - 2): 3/8" BSP or NPT
- Voltage: 24V DC 110V AC, 230V AC,- 50/60 Hz

- Working temperature: -30° C ÷ + 50° C (-22° ÷ +122° F)
- Humidity: 90°
- Weight: 8 Kg (17,63 lb)



The Modular Directional Valve (4/2) is a completely new valve which has been designed to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

The key feature is the modular base which has all hydraulic connections.

This means fast and easy replacement in the field without disturbing pipework and minimizing downtime.

* Modular base: means fast maintenance, minimum downtime and less contamination
* Solenoid operation: no air required.

* Dual Line: for inversion of Dual line systems.
* Progressive and zoned systems: by plugging port 1 or 2 the valve can be used for zone complex circuits.
* Grease applications: particularly suited for grease, it can be applied to any circuit requiring a 4/2 valve.





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