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AI-P single piston pump

Control for single line lubrication system

Key features:
- Nominal voltage: 230 V AC; 24 V DC
- Output pump drive: 230 V – 3A AC; 24 V - 3 A DC
- Cycle time (time dependent): 1 sec to 99days (factory setting tz=3 h)
- Monitoring time: 1 to 99 sec (factory setting tü=15 sec)
- Run-on time: 0 to 15 sec (factory setting tn=2 sec)


CONTROLLER BI-S control devices that complete the lubrication system and allow to monitor and guarantee the correct functioning of the lubrication system.
This device is used for control and monitoring single line lubrication systems with metering valves and dosing elements.

The single line lubrication system is the most widely spread total loss lubrication system in the general engineering field. Small quantities of oil or fluid grease are fed intermittently in the desired cycle time of the lubrication point.

Has been designed for using with single line lubrication systems



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