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AI-P single piston pump

Control for progressive lubrication system

Key features:
- Nominal voltage: 230 V AC; 24 V DC
- Output pump drive: 230 V – 3A AC; 24 V - 3 A DC
- Cycle time (time dependent): sec to 99days (factory setting tz=3 h)
- Monitoring time: 1 to 9 min (factory setting tü=15 sec)


CONTROLLER BI-P control devices that complete the lubrication system and allow to monitor and guarantee the correct functioning of the lubrication system.
This device is used for controlling and monitoring progressive lubrication systems with progressive distributor.

In this type of system the lubricant is pumped into the main line by actuating the pump and fed to the connected progressive distributor. The lubricant is distributed over the number of outlets of the distributor and then delivered to the lubrication points or fed to another downstream progressive distributor, divided there and dispensed to the connected lubrication points. Dosing is done as per the selection of the dosing elements with different flow rates. A circulation control detects every circulation of the system. If a progressive distributor cannot deliver its lubricant or if a piston is blocked e.g. due to contamination, the system reports fault i.e. the circulation control has not reported within the monitoring time.

Has been designed for using with progressive lubrication systems.



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