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Bandsaw Machine Lubrication

machine lubrication

Bandsaw lubrication is required when cutting wood using a bandsaw machine.
The bandsaw is mainly use for cutting wood and they tend to be larger than standard circular saws for cutting steel. A Vip4 Tool system can be used for this application. The actual bandsaw blade is what has to be lubricated.

For best result the blade has to be lubricated in three position. Both sides of the blade are lubricated with a standard nozzle. This requires 2 outlets from the VIP4 tool feeding 2 off 3132583 type nozzle ( see Vip4 tool brochure ). Then the third area that needs to be lubricated are the teeth of the bandsaw blade. This should be done using a special dropsa nozzle called a saw blade attachment.This saw blade attachment is mounted inside.


Important Points of the system

machine lubrication system DropsA
This picture shows the teeth and the side of the blade labelled width

 - The bandsaw can vibrate and move out of position by upto 6mm. The dropsa design of saw blade attachment allows for this vibration. Competitors attachments can be damaged when this vibration occurs.

- The unit should be mounted as at the same level of the nozzles or higher. The stenner photo shows it mounted low which can cause some issues. So best to mount higher up.
- In a sawmill it becomes very dusty. The sawdust gets everywhere including in the oil when they refill. Therefore it should be protected and mounted in a box if possible. 



This case application was implemented using


 Some bandsaw blades
Some bandsaw blades
Nozzle code 1524569
Nozzle code 1524569