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Near dry machining for increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the workplace

In recent years the metalworking industry has changed, requiring machines equipped with NEAR DRY MACHINING systems for lubrication of tools, as an alternative to liquid coolant systems.

This need arises also from the increasing weight of environmental costs, constraints and regulations related to the use of cutting fluids. The aim of near dry machining is to replace, in a machining environment, the traditional coolant systems with a compressed air stream.

The lubricant is propelled and reduced in micro particles from the air flow transport which passes in front of the exit hole.

Thanks to the characteristics of this system, the cutting point is reached by a jet generated by a concentric flow which helps to avoids enlargement. During metal processing, tools are subject to critical conditions such as high temperature, extreme speed and aggressive chemicals.

To cope with these difficulties, and to ensure a good result and avoid deterioration of the equipment, DropsA designed “MiQueL”, the modular system for near-dry machining lubrication that carries minimal quantities of oil lubrication in an “aerosol” format to the cutting surface, guaranteeing a continuous and accurate lubrication on all applications that require a precise minimum lubrication systems.

Recently DropsA has designed and patented an innovative system for MQL machining: “MaXtreme”, the revolutionary system for internal and external high end Near-dry machining application, a completely new approach to aerosol generation technology that is helping revolutionize new and existing machine installations.

Thanks to the innovative Vortex technology, MaXtreme is able to create ultra-fine oil particles (sub-micron in diameter), that are the key to a good internal or through-the-tool lubrication and high performance applications. In fact internal lubrication is the most difficult to achieve due to oil particles coalescing inside the tool.

MaXtreme solves this problem by generating ultra-fine particles that can pass through the rotating tool unhindered by centrifugal force.

Their technical characteristics allow MQL machining systems to provide a continuous and accurate lubrication. They can be used on many types of machine tools, as cutting and bending metal sheet machines, steelworks, band saws machine, etc.

Minimum quantity lubrication systems and Near-dry machining provide to a very precise lubrication and no waste which improves tool life (thanks to friction reduction between tool
and work piece, and removing heat from machining area), involve minimum use of biodegradable oils, eliminating the problem of disposal emulsions, and at the same time reducing environmental impact of its oil emulsions.

Reducing work cycle times and improving performance are only some of the advantages which make the DropsA systems the perfect solutions for metalworking machines lubrication.

The main benefits of using these MQL machining systems are:

- Reduce work cycle times, generally by 25% to 80%.
- Increase tool life thus increasing time between tool change and gain productivity. 
- Better surface finish and tolerances can be achieved. 
- Eliminate coolant
- Make your plant more environmentally friendly. 
- Parts finish machining with a fine rust inhibiting oil coating
- Not coolant contamination. 
- Water and oil consumption drastically reduced. 
- Our technology works on diverse materials and MQL machining operations.

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