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The new SUMO II ATEX and Mini SUMO II ATEX pump applications

The Oil and Grease solutions for explosion risk environments

The new SUMO II ATEX and Mini-SUMO II ATEX electric pumps represent new models in the “SUMO series” pump line, specifically designed for applications in explosive classified environments (ATEX), Zone 1 and 21, Zone 2 and 22.

In fact, these pumps are equipped with a protective casing that makes them resistant and suitable for a variety of systems operating with either Oil or Grease in very demanding conditions.


Compared with the previous versions, the SUMO II ATEX has a higher degree of motor protection for maximum resistance and protection against dust and gas.

The Mini-SUMO II ATEX utilizes a higher flow rate and can incorporate up to three different size reservoirs (10, 30 or 100 kg ÷ 22, 66 or 220 lb) to provide an optimal solution.
Each solution ensures a high level of resistance, power, and flexibility due to the multiple configurations and characteristics of the pumps in the “SUMO line”.
The SUMO II ATEX Series can be utilized with Dual Line dosing units, creating a 02 System that utilizes two lubricant feed lines that make it ideal for large lubrication runs. In addition, combined with the wide range of progressive dosing units, these pump applications can be configured for use in progressive systems allowing the metered dispensing of lubricant with control over the entire system.

The utilization of dual pumping elements creates a built-in redundancy ensuring the system will continue to operate even if one of the two modules were to fail.

Furthermore, the QUICK SWAP SYSTEM allows both pumping elements to be replaced in just a few seconds without altering the pipe pluming or its connections.

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