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DropsA GmbH will participate at BAUMA 2022

BAUMA 2022

Centralised lubrication solutions for the construction industry

DropsA GmbH Germany will take part at BAUMA 2022, the international exhibition dedicated to the construction machinery sector that will be held in Munich (Germany) from October 24th – 30th 2022.

DATE: from 24th to 30th October 2022
PLACE: Munich,Trade Fair Center Messe München
BOOTH: 337


Automatic lubrication of construction machinery and mining trucks

By visiting DropsA’s booth you’ll have the possibility to find out different solutions for the automatic lubrication that always ensure maximum operativity and reliability of construction machinery and mining trucks, extending the life cycle of bearings, chains and gears with a consequent optimization of costs and working time.

The machinery used in the mining and construction sector constantly operate in difficult environmental conditions, characterised by the presence of debris and dust that can damage the components and compromise its operation.

DropsA offers a series of solutions suited to this type of machinery:

- Femto Pump, the new compact and versatile multi-outlet grease pump, designed to make the installation easier on medium-small lubrication systems.

- Automatic Omega pump, the multi-output grease pump that can be used both in multi-line systems and in progressive systems. It comes with an electronic card to manage cycles, alarms and controls, even remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. 

- DL Injectors family, for precise Grease and Oil lubrication

- Shut-off valves for systems with progressive dosing units. These can be used to reduce load losses of the line and to program the lubrication of various parts of the machine, thus detecting faults faster.

- Progressive and double line dosing systems, used to lubricate machine parts such as wheels, couplings and chains. The progressive nP, SMX, SMO systems are characterised by their compact and solid design, and guarantee precise lubrication with oil and grease, thus maximising system efficiency. The double line systems lubricate larger machines in several points.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

For more information visit the official website of the exhibition>>