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Track lubrication system

Track lubrication solutions DropsA

This system was installed at Garlate Lake Italy.

System is reliable and foolproof, able to suffer the severest environmental conditions. It does not require any substitution of worn parts. System is designed to simplify and automate maintenance as much as possible.

Device for grease distribution on the internal side of rail track. Improves wear levels where curve in track is critical. The system is approved by the italian Railways network. Compact bar fixes on to track to avoid contaminating ballast.

The system has advanced control system that uses a network connection that communicates with a remote laptop, pc or PLC (programmable logic controller ). This is possible due to its interface with a 3G connection ( the SIM card must been abled to transmit and receive 3G data).


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TRACK‐LUBE is the DropsA BBTS lubrication system for the rail curve.

We offer a reliable and robust system, capable of resisting severe environmental conditions. The system has advanced control system that uses a network connection that communicates with a remote laptop, pc or PLC (programmable logic controller ). This is possible due to its interface with a 3G connection ( the SIM card must be enabled to transmit and receive 3G data). The lubricant ( NLGI grade 2 ) is applied onto a lubrication bar directly on the correct side of the rail. The Track‐Lube is modular which makes configuration of the system efficient and easy. A small lubrication bar applies the lubricant in a uniformed manner and is sufficient to lubricate a piece of track for 4.000 m. Its possible to install several small bars from one pump station.

This means that the Track‐Lube system is very versatile. We can offer a system at competitive prices that can lubricate a single curve or offer a system that lubricates several curves on a track from a single pump station.
The system can accurately lubricate with temperatures ranging from ‐25 °C e + 45°C. An alarm or notification can be sent to the PLC or Mobile phone and can signal the system’s current status or any alarm status that may occur such as low level of grease. This is possible as we have a WEB interface that allows us to monitor or modify settings of the system.

The control panel has an input voltage of either 220Vac – 150Vac – 24 V DC. Alternatively a solar powered system can be used. The required power for the system is 1000 VA.

Important Points of the system

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A single pump station is capable of lubricating different parts of the track (a maximum of 12 curves from one pump station). Each curve, dependant on the curve’s radius, can be lubricated by one or more small lubrication bars.

Each bar can have its own vibration sensor to detect the train’s position or they can run off one sensor only.
The system includes a laser sensor to monitor the continuous level of grease and displays a percentage of how much grease is remaining.
This allows the user to plan a maintenance visit.
The large 50 KG grease reservoir also means that planned visits can be as long as every 6 months. Data is collected remotely allowing statistic alanalysis of consumption. This ensures thatthe system is working. 

The PLC with PROFINET interface allows other sensors or instrumentation to be added to the PLC as long as they are compatible with PROFINET or PROFIBUS.

The system is equipped with a backup battery that guarantees 4 hours or run time. Due to this the user also knows when there is an electrical supply breakdown either from a fixed electrical installation or solar panel failure. In the event of power loss the system sends an alarm to the user remotely using the 3G connection. Alternatively the system is also capable of transmitting via WIFI or ETHERNET cable ( with internet access ) to a web server. It is possible to access the remote plc from the unit. This is password protected to protect the remote computer. The notification program allows the user to decide which data to send by email in case of an alarm.


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Railway Network
Railway Network
Lubrication brush for check rail
Lubrication brush for check rail
Rail Lubrication System
Rail Lubrication System