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Track Lubrication by DropsA

Key features:
- Power supply: 90 ÷ 260VAC   50 ÷ 60HZ
1A @ 230V (in Standby)
3A @ 230V (pump working)
- Pump Power supply: 24VDC
- Lubriicant:  Grease NLGI 2
- Drum capacity:  50 KG
- IP protection (cabinet): IP 66 – IK 10
-Working Temperature: 32°F ÷ 122°F (-25°C  ÷  +50°C)


TRACK-LUBE is designed to lubricate the rail curve for winding track.
Thanks to our modular system it can be expanded up to 12 small-bars, allowing to cover more than 6000 meters of rail lubrication.

Whole system can be comfortable monitored from remote devices, thanks to a 3G card or WI-FI.

The system is composed by two main elements:

- Cabinet: with control panel and an electric pump 
-Small-Bar: (with 4 outlets dispenser)

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Operating Principle

The vibrations created by the passage of the train are detected by the sensor on SMALL‐BAR that sends the signal to the control panel, marking the start of the lubrication cycle.
The pump is activated and the lubricant passes through the SMX distributor with cycle switch, managed by the control panel so the correct amount of grease is sent to the SMALL‐BARs or, in succession, to
more SMALL‐BAR units.
A laser level constantly monitors the remaining amount of grease present in the drum.
An integrated by‐pass protects against overpressure, discharging residual pressure into the drum.

The TRACK‐LUBE has many functions, briefly listed below:

• LCD panel for diagnosing and monitoring the system status, and for changing the parameters of the entire system.
• Setting the quantity of grease to be supplied to each individual area.
• Lubricant level measurement with laser sensor and level display on the LCD panel; or on web page (OPTIONAL).
• Remote control via e‐mail indicating any interruption of operation, including a battery backup in case of power supply failure.
• Ready for connection and control online via web page.





Manuals and 3D Models

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