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Bearing filling system

Bearing filling system Lubrication


NTN, a leading bearing manufacturer, asked DropsA to develop a bearing filling system that integrates onto the bearing assembly line. The specification called for accurate quantities of grease being dispensed into the bearing. Bearing sizes varied which meant that flexibility was needed to achieve the precise quantity of grease.


Important Points of the system

Panel control DropsA


Grease quantities required were between 30 cc to 2000 cc. It was important to have a flexible touch screen controller that would measure and confirm that the accurate grease was dispensed.


This case application was implemented using

  • 234700 Pump  The pump was mounted on a hoist for safer and easy transfer of grease drum. Low level was also installed to alert the customer when to change the drum.
  • SMX Progressive Block: with consumption of 3 cc. The Modular progressive distributors is up to 70 times more resistant to corrosion in the field than the previous zinc plating lubrication.
  • Ultrasensor: To count the grease dispensed.
  • A touch screen controller: with custom DropsA software was used to enable the operator to have 3 choices of grease quantities preset. Then when changing the bearing type that needs filling, the operator can modify the grease quantities simply and efficiently.


DropsA solution Lubrication