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Nestles Purina PetCare

Purina plant Hungary uses fully automatic oil lubrication

conveyor belts

Nestles Purina PetCare produces and sells animal feed worldwide. Purina is one of the world's leading pet food manufactures.
Their portfolio includes some of the best known and most popular brands of dog and cat food, such as FELIX, GOURMET or Purina ONE.
For over 80 years Purina leads the scientific advances in animal care and animal nutrition.

lubrication system DropsA

Conveyor lubrication systems

The production of animal feed in Bük, Hungary, uses conveyor belts which carry the food over long distances and multiple stations.
The transport conveyors are subject to harsh conditions such as dust, water, high temperature and frequently will break down. For this the installation of conveyor lubrication systems is required.


Benefits achieved

33V injector DropsA

Purina selected EuroScale, a partner company of Dropsa, to implement an automatic oil lubrication system.
Approximately 90 conveyors are lubricated automatically at regular intervals divided into 5 different section.

With the Dropsa Smart 2 pump and 33V injectors the production runs with less downtime and wear of plastic chains.

With each lubrication cycle the pump gives a confirmation signal to the control center.Once the oil tank is empty or the lubrication is interrupted, an alarm signal is sent out.


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Automatic Lubrication DropsA
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