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Lubrication solution for wind turbines

Lubrication solution for wind turbines

Wind turbines are subject to high mechanical loads and therefore benefit greatly from adequate and reliable lubrication. All this can be obtained thanks to an automatic lubrication system.

RED POINT - These points are under frequent operation and need to be lubricated to prevent premature failure. The system is setup for frequent lubrication at regular intervals.

BLUE POINT - Consists of the rim lubrication located in the lower part of the nacelle. A special type of gear/pinion applicator is used to distribute grease uniformly at the final lubrication point

GREEN POINT- Indicates the support used to modify the single blade inclination (pitch). This point is subject to both centrifugal force and load from the wind force working during hub rotation. The entire lubrication system must be able to resist to centrifugal force and loading and avoid reservoir cavitation during operation. A pump fitted with a spring loaded follower plate prevents this problem.



Important Points of the system

Lubrication wind turbines

- Reduce maintenance times and costs
- Increase turbine life
- More protection from corrosion
- Reduce bearing wear
- Eliminate grease waste
- Excellent distribution of lubricant
- Lower repair cost 
- Increase bearing life


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