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Coke Ovens

Coke ovens: transformation of  coal into coke

Coke Ovens and associated equipments are large complex systems. 

Coke oven are used to turn coal into coke. The process is done by the charge car loading the coal into the oven. After the coal has been heated to high temperatures the pusher car dislodges the coal into the transfer car.

The transfer car then unloads into the quench car which transports the coke to a silo. In recent years coal production has become more popular due to the major advancements in transfer car technologies making the process more environmentally friendly. One of our customers is the leader in push and transfer cars as they adopt a special hood system which captures the pollution after the cook process.


Important Points of the system

transformation of  coal into coke

The main equipment to lubricate on this process would be the pusher, transfer and charge cars as well as the actual coke oven gas valves.

The main areas of concern when designing these systems are : 

- System is very large. Design pipe size specifications carefully. 
- Some bearings move. This means that careful consideration on some bearings are necessary to ensure whether flexible hoses and/or rotary couplings are required.
- Consider temperature. Several bearings are very close to the oven and can experience extremely high temperatures. In most cases we used steel armored hoses , some bearing had stainless hoses and some fireproof hoses were also needed.


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