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Is the giving of the data obligatory? What are the consequences of non consent?Conferring your personal data (the "data") is optional, but if you decide not give it you will not be able to benefit from the services and/or activities channelled to you by the Dropsa Group in part to increase your level of satisfaction. The data we receive will be used to meet the requirements that you, from time to time, tell us about through the website, via email or other ways of communication whether electronic or not as well as to select and inform you about the services that are most useful to you from those offered by organisations belonging to the Dropsa group, be they sending informative material and updates or initiatives believed to be in your interest. Generally speaking, users can visit without having to identify themselves or having to divulge personal information. Despite this, on certain occasions the user may be asked some personal information to get access to certain functions of the site or to ask for additional information. In the case where you decide to give us confidential information, we guarantee the adoption of measures to protect this information from being divulged or unduly accessed. If you choose not to give us the information requested, you will however be able to visit much of our web site but you will not be authorised to access certain areas, options or services.    How is your data treated?Your data is /will be treated using traditional tools (forms of various natures and/or paper registers etc.) and IT tools.
The data will be treated for the carrying out of market surveys and, if relevant, benchmarking and/or marketing services, statistics-related activities and centralised management of the information by the Controller and/or other entities belonging to the Dropsa group.
The organisations belonging to the Dropsa Group undertake to guarantee that the data are conserved in conformance with the security measures laid down in EU regulations. Dropsa could furthermore trace the IP addresses to carry out the analysis of tendencies and statistical studies, administer the site, keep track of the movements of a user and gather extended demographical information for company purposes. Nonetheless, even when the IP addresses are traced, the individual users remain anonymous.
Data acquired following the sending of curricula vitae is treated for purposes strictly related to job recruiting. If you have participated in training initiatives organised by the Dropsa Group, your data will be treated for the purpose of testing your level of satisfaction. 
Dropsa will use the personal information obtained to better understand the needs of users with regard to industrial lubrication products and to maintain relations with Dropsa customers. Among other things, Dropsa will use the information reserved for advising the users when new versions released, communicating updated information about products or sending publications and/or information explicitly requested. 
Furthermore, we would remind you that, if it is required by law, your data can be sent to the competent authorities.
        What are your rights?You may, update, modify, integrate and/or cancel your daa as well as obtain its transformation into an anonymous form or block it if processed in violation of the Privacy Code.
Furthermore you may oppose the processing for legitimate reasons. To exercise your rights, you may write to [email protected]
We would remind you that you may choose to stop the sending of emails and/or transmissions of invitations to conventions by organisations belonging to the Dropsa Group by following the instructions contained in the messages received or writing directly to [email protected] .
It is understood that if you have already received a specific information sheet from organisations belonging to the Dropsa Group, this must be considered to prevail over this document and is applicable to you.
Who is the Controller of the processing?The controller of the processing of the data is Dropsa S.p.A . based in Vimodrone at Via Benedetto Croce 1. 20090.
Are cookies used?The Dropsa Group's corporate website ( uses the cookies (that is to say information that the site sends to your computer during navigation and that are related to the contents of the site itself to capture and record information). In any case, we would tell you that data collected through cookies are not tracked for the purposes of proliferation not for the purpose of analysing habits or consumption choices. Most browsers installed in the computer are predisposed to accept cookies automatically; you can nonetheless choose to turn off this function by modifying the settings on your browser. We would inform you however that by disabling the cookies you will not be able to access some functions on the site and some of the pages on it may not display properly.