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Zone valve

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Zone valve

Key features:
- Supply Voltage: 24 V DC
- Power Consumption: 20 W
- Max working pressure: 350 bar (5000 PSI )
- Temperature of fluid: from -20 to 80 °C (from -4 to 176 °F)


The Zone Valve is primarily used for oil applications. It is possible to have between 1 to 5 Zones. Each Zone or outlet is independently activated by 24 V DC solenoid coils.

This valve can be used in applications where it is necessary to isolate parts of machine. The central PLC of the machine controls each zone independently therefore not wasting oil by overlubricating zones which are not in use.

An example of this is split converyors on a bottling line where the lucrication of the conveyor requires oil only when the bottles are moving on certain lines.





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