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Volumetric flowrate meter and setting device

Key features:
- Power supply: 12-24V DC
- Reduction ratio: 392:1 - Maximum torque: 3 Kg. cm (6,6 lb in.)
- Revolutions per minute without load: 6 rpm
- Revolutions per minute with maximum torque: 5 rpm
- Absorbed current without load: 15 mA
- Absorbed current with maximum torque: 30 mA
- Rotation direction: reversible


is a flow volumetric device which allows the constant monitoring of the lubrication delivering.
As the measurements are volumetric, they don’t depend on temperature or viscosity but they assure an accurate control without the need of any set up or compensation.

Liquid flowing through the meter module moves a “satellite” which describes in a fixed orbits. Every orbit is monitored by an optical sensor that transmits the signal to a control device. The operator may read the liquid delivering in litres per minute or the revolutions number per minute directly from the FACT Controller device-display or from a PC monitor software. 

THE FLOWMASTER II can be applied in all lubrication systems based on recirculation system, and is particularly suitable for use in paper mills.




Manuals and 3D Models

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    1525700 FLOWMASTER-BY-PASS-5cc
    1525701 FLOWMASTER MANUAL-5cc

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