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Dual Line System: simplicity and reliability particularly in harsh environmental conditions

Regular and accurate lubrication of equipment prevents the interrupt of the production, risk of contamination, potential equipment damage.


In today's global economy productivity is a key factor. Unplanned downtime for maintenance affect the industrial costs.

That's why a regular and accurate lubrication is very important like it is guaratee by DropsA's Dual Line System that ensures an exact metered quantity of lubricant from one pump station over large distances. In fact, Dual Line Systems often can exceed 60 meters in length. Moreover, in the event of one lubrication point becoming blocked or failing, the remainder of the system is not affected and continues working without problems.

Within DropsA Dual Line System line of products, a large section of pump packages together with many custom design options allows any grease lubrication to be developed reliably and cost-effectively. 

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DropsA's solutions for each operating condition

Heavy Duty Industries

Demanding conditions and large machinery doesn't mean complex solutions. DropsA offers different solutions for Dual Line System and its skilled engineers are available to design large scale project and provide installation, commissioning, support and training anywhere in the world.