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Jolly Lube

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Special lithium semifluid grease

Key features:
-Colour: Light Brown
- Aspect: Medium Fibre Grease
- Soap of Base: Lithium hydroxystearate
- Base Oil ISO V.G.: 100
- Worked Penetration: ASTM D 217 445-475 mm/10
- Dropping Point: ASTM D 566 155°C
- Anticorrosion Test SKF Emcor: DIN 51802 exceed
- Range of Temperatures of Use: from -25°C to


JOLLY - LUBE EP 000 is a light-brown, semifluid multipurpose grease, based on a lithium soap, highly refined base oil and special EP antiwear additives, suitable for a variety of uses.
The Lubricant has excellent mechanical stability, resistance to ageing and oxidation, lubrication capacity and strength to loads. It has anticorrosive properties, usable over a wide range of temperatures and is suitable for most applications requiring semifluid grease, on motor vehicles or industrial machinery.





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    3225455 LUBRICANT-2KG NLGI 000 JOLLY

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