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Feeder Block Series APF05-APF1

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Feeder Block Series APF05-APF1

Fixed Discharge APF05 0,5 cc. APF1 1 cc. per/stroke (APF05 .030 APF1 .061 Dual Line System

Key Features:
-Temperaute range: -30 to +80°C
- Max pressure (inlet): 400bar (5800psi)
- Cycles: 100/min
- Min. Viscosity: 100 cSt ( 462 SSU)
- Grease Max: 265 ASTM (NLGI 2)
- Connections: - inlet : 1/4" - outlet: 5/16" -24NF


The feeder body is made of special anti-friction steel. Pistons are made of tempered steel. Bores and pistons are lapped to provide superior sealing. These feeders do not employ indicator turrets (see AP1 series) and are used for special applications.

The body has a galvanized finish and features an adaptor for single or double outlet conversion.
They are set by the factory 0,5 cc. per/stroke (.030 for APF05 and at 1 cc. per/stroke ( for APF1 unless otherwise requested.






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    Part numbers - Models found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    0622060 APF05-METERING VALVE-0.5CC 12
    0623060 APF05-METERING VALVE-0.5CC 1234
    0623070 METERING UNIT-APF1-1CC/S-4 OUT
    0624060 APF05-METERING VALVE-0.5CC 123456
    0624070 METERING UNIT-APF1-1CC/S-6 OUT
    0625060 APF05-METERING VALVE-0.5CC 12345678

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    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy

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