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Compact simple monoblock progressive divider valve until to eighteen

Key features:
- Min. Pressure: 15 bar (220 psi)
- Max. Pressure: 100 bar (1470 psi)
- Max Cycles per min.: 625 cycles
- Operating Temperature: -10 a 70 ºC 14 a 158 ºF
- Lubricant Viscosity: Min.: oil 32 cSt
- Max.: grease NLGI 2 

- Material: Zinc Plated Steel


The SMPM is a single block progressive divider valve that is ideal for applications where space is limited. It is available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 outlet versions, each with an output of 0,07 cm³ (0,004 cu.inch) per cycle.

An outlet can also be merged with the sequential outlet on the block by removing the special outlet fitting and installing a plug.

The spools in a progressive metering valve operate sequentially partitioning equally across the outlets, the grease being pumped into the metering block inlet. In the event of a blocked lubrication point all the spools will stop, thereby allowing the user to monitor the entire system with a single monitoring device.







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