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Automatic lubrication of wind turbines

During the functioning, wind turbines are subject to high mechanical loads caused by the rotation of the blades, and therefore require the installation of an automatic lubrication system able to provide the proper amount of lubricant to the components.
The type of lubrication system to install is designed according to the particular requirements of wind turbines and different parameters (temperature, environment, number of lubrication points, quantity of grease for each point).

Thanks to our multiple years of experience in the lubrication sector, DropsA provides various automatic lubrication solutions for the Energy sector.

This specific section on the most frequently used components will help you choose the system that is best suited to your needs in the grease lubrication area.

DropsA has a full range of customised solutions for the automatic lubrication of the rotation points and components of wind turbines.

See the specific technical data sheets of each product for more details.