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Bielomatik Schmiertechnik GmbH joins DropsA

Bielomatik Schmiertechnik GmbH joins DropsA as a world leader in lubrication

Vimodrone Italy (September 2020) - DropsA SpA a leading manufacturer of centralized lubrication systems and dry machining solutions, has successfully acquired the lubrication business unit of bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG.

The company is a technology leader for MQL lubrication solutions - Minimum Quantity Lubrication and supplier of major automotive and machine tool manufacturers in the world.

The business unit will continue to operate as "Bielomatik Schmiertechnik GmbH" now part of the DropsA group.

The acquisition was completed early in 2020. The bielomatik lubrication business unit has been split out, it has been fully operating since 1st April 2020  in our new plant in Frickenhausen, nearby  the previous Headquarters in Neuffen, near Stuttgart in southern Germany.

All 43 employees have moved and work in the new Frickenhausen Plant which covers over 4000 square meters between offices and production allowing for our future expansion plans.

All operations and sales activities carried out in the United States and China are managed and supported by Dropsa USA and Dropsa Shanghai Lubrication Systems with the contribution and commitment of key collaborators and employees.

The acquisition of the Bielomatik Schmiertechnik Business Unit significantly expands the DropsA MQL product line and centralized lubrication products.

This union, which involves two important companies in the market, favours the exchange of experience and knowledge across the entire product line to provide our customers with high-tech and innovative solutions.

A number of products are already visible on the website and others will follow.

About Bielomatik Schmiertechnik GmbH

Bielomatik Schmiertechnik was spun off in April 2020 thanks to the acquisition of the lubrication division of bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of lubrication systems for machine builders since 1946. It grew to become an important player in centralized lubrication systems for machines for paper and wood processing, as well as the textile industry.
In the late 1990s, the first minimal lubrication systems for metal cutting (MQL) were successfully introduced to the market.
Bielomatik was the first manufacturer to offer 1- & 2-channel MQL systems for lubricant supply to the cutting tool through the spindle.  Such systems are used particularly in series engine production in the automotive industry.
MQL lubrication has proven to be an economical manufacturing technology which saves resources. Through the continuous development of technology, in collaboration with various universities and tool manufacturers, this new technology, based on the MQL system has been applied to increasingly complex processes and increasingly smaller tool sizes.
Bielomatik Schmiertechnik GmbH, thanks to the important experience consolidated over time with 1- & 2 - channels MQL systems is able to equip different production processes taking into account each specific application.

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