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Lubrication for road sweepers

For a leading global company in the construction of vehicles for cleaning road surfaces, DropsA has designed and installed a complete automatic grease lubrication system for road sweepers, a machine used to clean debris from the streets.

The system enables the lubrication of plain bearings, bearings of hydraulic cylinder joints, and movable ends of flat springs.


Description of the DropsA application

For this machine, a progressive automatic grease lubrication system has been installed, consisting of the Omega Automatica 12V pump and progressive SMO dividers, supplemented by pipes and fittings.

The Omega Automatica pump allows work cycles to be set up, thanks to the touch-screen display and, thanks to the progressive SMO dividers, which are capable of maximising the efficiency of the lubrication system, makes it possible to ensure the precise and accurate dosing of lubricant to the necessary points in order to favour the movement and operation of the machine.

A modern lubrication system equipped with a touch-screen control panel, which brings a concrete advantage in terms of monitoring the grease flow rate and managing system functions and parameters with consequent savings in terms of costs and maintenance time, as well as improving the installation’s aesthetic appearance.


This application was implemented using


Omega Automatic Pump
SMO Dividers