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Air/Oil Lubrication Systems

Air/Oil Lubrication consists of an air stream, that normally operates continuously, used to provide cooling to the lubrication point and as a transport medium to carry small quantities of oil to the lubrication point.

The oil-injected into the air stream at regular intervals coats the surfaces to be lubricated and reduces friction and wear.


Dropsa Vip4 Series of products

DropsA Vip4 Series of productsThese small all-enclosed devices are ideal for use on small systems and offer fully integrated control and monitoring in a single compact package. Typical applications: high speed bearings, spindle lubrication in machine tool, micro-spray coating applications, gear lubrication, chain lubrication and cleaning.
The Vip4 Air System offers one of the most compact and feature rich air/oil systems available for spindles and it is able to achieve a significantly reduced amount of lubricant dispensing and positive feedback is a must for such systems.

A variant of the Vip4 Air, specifically aimed at chain or conveyor application can be used in any application where the lubrication cycle is not time driven but impulse driven.

On a typical application, a sensor connected to the Vip4 Chain monitors the number of links passing across the lubrication nozzle and fires a micro quantity of oil onto the point thus increasing chain or conveyor life without lubricant wastage that can drip off the chain and contaminate the industrial process.




Dropsa Air/Oil satellite system for steel industry

Dropsa has a completely modular approach to designing large air-oil systems used primarily in the steel industry. A centralized oil feed-line is used to develop pressure at the satellite stations that periodically inject oil, into a continuous air stream. Each satellite station monitors the oil and air outbound to the lubrication point and contains local indications that allow the user to see at a glance that everything is working smoothly.

The satellite stations are cabled back to the central touch screen control system with a signal network cable eliminating the requirement for expensive cabling runs. Every distributed instrument and control can be viewed and adjusted from the central touch screen.

Downstream of the satellite a splitter tube system is the used to divide the air/oil mixture into appropriate quantities for the bearing and seals being lubricated