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Air-oil lubrication for the steel and aluminium sector

Air-oil lubrication is opposed to that of the flow rate divider elements and it allows the volumetric introduction of oil into the air injection on each individual bearing in the system, guaranteeing every lubrication point the exact volume of lubricant, independently of the bearing counter pressure, the atmospheric pressure, the temperature and viscosity of the oil.
Thanks to our multiple years of experience in the sector, for the steel and aluminium sector, DropsA offers specific solutions that can be applied on all the various types of machines.

This specific section on the components used the most will help you choose the system that is best suited to your needs in the air-oil lubrication area.

DropsA has an entire range of personalised solutions for air-oil lubrication of the bearings in steel and aluminium processing machinery.
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See the specific technical data sheets of each product for more details.