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Laser level

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Key features:
- Electrical design: DC PNP
- Output function: 2 switching outputsnormally open / closed complementary
- Light spot diameter [mm]: < 5 (Flowrate 2 m)
- Measuring frequency [Hz]: 33
- Operating voltage [V]: 10...30 DC
- Power absorbtion [mA]: 75: (24 V)
- Current capacity [mA]: 2 x 200 
- Norm.  duration [h]: 50000
- Ambient temperature [°C]: -25...60
- Grade/protection class: IP 67/IP 65
- CEM   EN 60947-5-2 
- Connection: Connector M12


The Laser level is an optical distance sensor adapted for measuring the quantity of lubricant present in pump reservoirs.

This sensor can have a  digital output that can be set to the required setpoint for minimum, maximum or other level settings.   

The level was designed primarily for use on the SUMO and Mini-SUMO Pump system using the Dropsa standardized fixing flange. 





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    0295131 LASER KIT

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    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    0039168 FEMALE CONNECTOR M12-2 MT

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