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Shut Off Valve to be mounted on feed line

  2. Part Numbers

Key features:
Lubricant:                Oil (min.15 cSt) - Grease max NLGI 3 at operating temperature
Temperature:           -10°C ÷+100°C ( 14 to 212° F)
Voltage:                   24V dc, 110V ac 50/60Hz, 220V ac 50/60Hz

Power absorbed:       43 Watt( dc) 8 VA ( ac)
Protection degree:    IP65 ( connections) - IP54 (coil)
Air driven pressure:  Min 3bar - Max 5 bar
Lubricant Inlet:        Rp 1/4 UNI-ISO 7/1 (BSP)
Lubricant Outlet:      Rp 1/4 _UNI-ISO 7/1 (BSP)


These valves are similar to "SHUT OFF" valves for SMX meterin element. To difference is that are not connected to metering elements but mounted directly on the feed to create different sections or zones of the system.
The valves can be either: electrico and Pneumatic.






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