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Magnom PumpMate

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Magnetic filters of aspiration for systems liquids, gas and grease

Key features:
- Fine filtration without risk of pump cavitation 
- Negligible pressure drop & full fluid flow even when full of contaminant 
- Removes ferrous and some nonferrous particles down to submicron sizes 
- Contaminant storage without 'wash off' of collected particles 
- Bi-directional operation 
- Compatible with a wide range of petroleum oils, synthetic fluids, water-glycols, hydraulic & lubricating fluids

  and gases


The Magnom™ PumpMate Magnetic Filter (Magnetic Suction Strainer) is specifically designed to protect hydraulic pumps on the suction side, inside the tank (reservoir).
The patented design filters the suction side of pumps. Unlike a standard Suction Strainer which really is NOT a filter Magnom™ provides the performance of a 1 micron absolute hydraulic filter cartridge on the suction side of a pump. This is accomplished without wash-off of collected particles as seen with standard magnetic filters, suction strainers or standard hydraulic filters.





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    1525189 PUMPMATE-3/4 NPT
    1525190 PUMPMATE-1" BSPP

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