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Magnom CP

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Bidirectional in-line magnetic filters for liquid, gas and grease systems

Key features:
- Mounting method In-line
- Flow direction Bi-directional
- Construction materials
- Housing Aluminium Alloy or Stainless Steel
- Mandrel Aluminium Alloy
- Flux plate Mild Steel
- Magnet Samarium Cobolt (SmCo)
- Housing pressure & temp rating
- Max operating pressure 207barg (3000psig) or 414barg (6000psig)
- Burst pressure 1103barg (16000psig) or 1655barg (24000psig)
- Max temp 150ºC (302ºF)

- Standard SAE-12 fittings


Built from Aluminium Alloy or Stainless Steel, the Circuit Protection Unit [CP] is a small 2 core Magnom™ in-line unit. The CP has a very high pressure capability making it highly suitable for a variety of industrial and hydraulic applications. In particular it is designed to protect key components, such as valves etc in fluid circuits.
A compact, versatile 2 core Magnom™ unit with high pressure capability makes it ideal for critical component protection in smaller transmissions, hydraulic lines and on 'on vehicle' automotive systems - including diesel fuel. A simple inline design with highly efficient flow dynamic minimizing pressure drop.
Small and efficient system protection.





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    1525195 FILTER-CP SAE-10
    1525196 FILTER-CP SAE-12
    1525197 FILTER-CP SAE-10 SS
    1525198 FILTER-CP SAE-12 SS

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