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Lifting system lubrication for trains

An automatic quantity grease lubrication system for spindles of an underfloor lifting system for trains.

Underfloor lifting systems
Underfloor lifting systems

A brief description of the System

Underfloor lifting systems are used to lift railed vehicles for maintenance.
The hall floor must be freely passably during and after maintenance and when the inspection pits are not desired for safety issues. The train will be lifted to allow working on the underside.

The lubrication requirements resolved by Dropsa
The spindles have to be lubricated with grease during the lifting and lowering procedure.


Parts used in the DropsA system

– Bravo pump with SMX Dividers
– Control of the system is done handled by the control panel of the lifting plant.
– The example equipment lubricates every 20 minutes of the lifting/lowering procedure for 5 minutes. No soon than 20 minutes later, the next lubrication cycle will be started.
– Future systems include on customer request, an automatic control and monitoring of the Bravo pump via an Ultrasensor on the SMX Dividers for immediate problem diagnosis.
– Using a proximity the quantity of grease can be defined more accurately and the lubricaition is guaranteed.

Particular advantages of Dropsa lubrication
– Very exact lubrication is possible with the Ultrasensor
– IP65 in the temperature range from -25 – 80°C (-13 - 176°F)
– Changes to the quantity of lubrication are possible even after installation
Feedback from customer
The centraliezed lubrication of our equipment with Dropsa technology offers the safety our customers need with their lubrication and leads to a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

Lubrication point
Lubrication point
SMX Dividers mounted near the pump
Bravo pump installed just before the commissioning of the system -SMX Dividers mounted near the pump