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Coiler spray

Coiler spray:

Dropsa Oil Spray system has been designed to provide an efficient and effective cleaning and coating of rolled steel products before coiling.
The clean and lubricated Steel coil can then be stored and transported with a protective rust inhibiting layer of light or heavy oil that is sprayed just before the coiling operation.

It is a completed automated process that is interfaced with the production line to switch on and off the spray system.  Additionally, selector valves – controlled automatically by the host machine – allow top only or top and bottom spraying of the product.

In this way, anything from a simple cleaning or light oil spray to a complete double sided detergent and heavy protective oil spray can be achieved without the need for an operator to change tanks or lubricant.
Light Oil is used for a low cost coating that is required if the Roll is going to be stored only briefly.
Heavy Oil for more high-end products or products that will be left in storage for longer periods.
The system comprises 3 Tanks to store the Detergent, light and heavy oil, each with a 3000 Liter (900 US Gallons)  capacity  that allow long periods of operation before they need to be replenished. 


System Overview:

Total Number of Points:
  -  12 top and 12 Bottom Size, depending on strip width.
Lubricant :                                
  -  Station 1:  Wash detergent on station 1
  -  Station 2:  Light Oil for low cost coating
                     Heavy oil for long term product storage

Total Volume per cycle:
  -  Up to 500 CC/Min

Operating Frequency:
  -  Continuos Oil and detergent spray.
Length of system:  20m.
Storage Reservoirs:

  -  3 x 3000 Liters  (900 Gallons) , for Lubricant and detergent tank.

automatic lubrication

This case application was implemented using :

Benefits achieved

  • Precise use of detergent and lubricant to the exact specification required by the customer
  • Ability to select Oil type depending on customer requirements ensuring more efficient use of lubricant
  • Precise quantity used for coating.
  • Minimal wasted oil and detergent
  • Low mist generation

System design

 automatic lubrication DropsA