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Grease lubrication for construction machinery

Stackers and reclaimers are large machinery used in the mining industry to handle, store and recover materials such as limestone, coal and minerals. They have a complex structure with moving parts that run on rails and move in at least two directions. This is why they require an automatic system capable of providing the right amount of lubricant to many points that are far from one other.
Years of experience in the lubrication sector mean that DropsA always has the right solutions for the mining sector that can be applied to all types of machinery.

This specific section on the most widely used components will help you choose the system that is most suited to your needs in the automatic lubrication field.

DropsA has an entire range of products for the automatic lubrication of wheels, orientation fifth wheels, bucket-wheels, cables, bearings and conveyor belts.

See the specific technical sheets of each product for more details.