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Micro switch for flow control

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Micro switch for flow control

Key features:
- Electrical feeding: up to 10A 250V ac. or 5A
- Protection degree: IP 55
- Working temperature: -15°C to +80°C
- Working pessure: 200 bar max


These micro-switches are particularly suitable for controlling the correct delivery of lubricant to critical friction points.
In order to obtain a correct movement of the piston in both directions you must mount a micro-switch on the adjusting turret of the feeder and another on the opposite side.

These micro-switches have been designed for controlling feeder blocks of the dual line system:
-Series AP6
-Series AG6
-Modular Dual Line Feeders Series DMM
-Modular Dual Line Feeders Series DM
-Modular Dual Line Feeders Series DMG
-Modular Dual Line Feeders Series DMG1
-Modular Dual Line Feeders Series DMG2





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