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H1 System

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External and internal lubrication through spindle

Key features:
- Max air pressure: 11 bar
- Viscosity: from 10 to 60 mm²/s
- Connections: 2-4
- Voltage: 24V DC
- Number of nozzles: 5
- Inlet air pressure: 4-16 4-25 bar
- Pressure of control air: 3-8bar


The H1 is a MQL lubrication system recommended for CNC machining centres, transfer lines, milling machines, a.s.o., which can be used for both external and internal lubrication (through spindle).
This lubrication solution is also used for single spindle and multi spindle (tools with same ø of cooling channels at same time in operation - max. 4).

The H1 System produces an aerosol that is introduced via feed channels inside the spindle directly to the tool. With standard equipment the air pressure can be increased to up to 16 bar, in automatic mode the system supplies a maximum possible volume of oil and air.

It is possible to choose alternative models as with automatic refill system (option) or  the high pressure version (more than 11 bar).
Equipped by an integrated control, the tool parameters are self-adjusting via Interfaces (Profibus, Ethernet, I/O).

The System is composed by:
·        Aerosol system (ind. control unit)
·        Refill unit
·        Spindle valve (ball valve)
·        Optional distributer


Ideal for CNC machining centres, transfer lines, milling machines, a.s.o., this products is suitable for external and internal lubrication (through spindle), single spindle and multi spindle.



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