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2C System

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2C system

Multi spindle lubrication for tools at same time in operation

Key features:
- Separate supply of oil and air to tool holder
- Air pressure: up to 10 bar
- Oil viscosity: between 10 and 100mm²/s
- Viscosity: between 10-100mm²/s
- power supply: 400V AC -- 24V DC
- Voltage: 24V DC


The 2C System is a MQL lubrication system, recommended for CNC machining centres, transfer lines, milling machines, a.s.o., that can be used for single spindle and multi spindle (tools with same or different ø of cooling channels at same time in operation -~36 ).

The viscosity of oil is between 10 and 100 mm²/s. The oil quantity can be controlled between 5 and 500 ml/h. The oil quantity can be adjusted largely independently of the air volume.

This system is equipped by an integrated process control, and the tool parameters are controllable via I/A interface, Profibus or Profinet.

2C is equipped with automatic refill system, self-calibration (measuring kit).

The 2C System conducts in two separate pipelines oil and air to the tool holder. Inside the tool holder, an oil film is transported in the direction of the tool with the help of air. Oil and air are separated and don’t merge until the tool holder is reached.

The 2C system is composed by:
·        2-Channel control unit 
·        Fluid unit 
·        Pneumatic unit
·        Spindle valve (ventilating valve)
·        Quick valve 
·        Rotary union 
·        Lance
·        Optional Measuring-Kit (more) (Video: Bielomatik MQL Calibration)



Recommended for CNC machining centres, transfer lines, milling machines, a.s.o.



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