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M10 manifolds

For mounting all types of Bielomatik dispensing valves

Key features:
- Version: steel, surface zinc plated
- Operating pressure: 100 bar (1450 psi)
- Thread type: M10x1


M10 MANIFOLDS are available in steel with zinc plating, and are used for installing dosing elements and metering valves. They can be combined with air/oil nozzles and can be used as a branching-off distributors on single line lubrication systems.

Their usage allows to create various options of pre-fabricated assembly groups, in compliance with the customer requirements. The advantage is that a complete system can be pre-fabricated ex-factory as per the customer's requirements thus significantly reducing the assembly time.

You can also get the delivery of a complete lubrication system under one order number. Please ask for a quotation directly at Bielomatik Lubrication.

M10 MANIFOLDS are suitable for the installation of metering valves and dosing elements for the single line lubrication systems.



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