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ZV Metering valve

Precise dosage of lubricant with pressure surge

Key features:
- Dosing volume: from 5 to 1,000 mm³
- Connection: compression fitting or push-in connection Ø 4 mm


ZV Metering valves are simple and inexpensive dynamic dosing valves.

They can dispense lubrication quantities between 5 and 1000 mm³ per Stroke. They are mostly used in single line lubrication systems with pneumatic or dynamic electrical pumps to provide lubrication to machine tool bearings in the general industry.

They can be used with either Oil or Fluid Grease.


A pressure pulse is required for actuation. As a result of this pulse, the dosing piston is moved with great speed towards the return valve. With this stroke movement, a specific lubricant volume (dosing volume) is dispensed through the return valve. After completion of the stroke, the dosing valve closes the connecting bore. The dosing process is closed, the return valve closes. After completing the lubrication cycle and subsequent relieving of the main line, the dosing valve is pressed with a spring in its starting position. The lubricant is thus restacked via the play between the dosing valve and the body of the dosing element.

The metering valves needs a sharp pressure increase to function properly.
Suitable pumps: AB-H, AB-P, AM.

These valves connected to the pump are perfect to transfer the respective quantity of lubricant to the friction point on small machine applications and single point lubrication with oil or fluid grease.



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