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On site service for Mining machinery

Bielomatik placed its know-how and skills at the disposal of a company operating in the mining sector, thanks to a prompt on-site intervention into a quarry closed to the blackwood forest.

In the quarries different types of mining machinery operate to removing rock, sand, gravel or other minerals from the ground, in order to use them to produce materials for construction or other use.

During operation, the mining machines undergo demanding environmental conditions, due to the presence of abrasive dust and contaminating agents, that in this case cause a machine stoppage with the risk of a components damage.

To solve this problem, Bielomatik Schmiertechnik technicians gave an expert advice and prompt intervention, with a lubrication solution tailored to the specific customer needs.

After a careful evaluation of the problems, progressive distributors were installed to provide the right amount of grease directly to the lubrication points located in the different parts of the mining machinery.

The installation of this tailored lubrication solution is now preventing a possible machine downtime while also decreasing the risk of a breakdown of the components and the guaranteeing of a greater protection against debris, dust and other environmental influences.

Overall, the progressive distributors give a great advantage in terms of maintenance times and costs.

DropsA’s lubrication solutions are easy to retrofit to almost any machine. They can reduce downtime and reliably ensure the correct functioning of machines.

In the mining sector, the lubrication contributes a lot to improving the life of the different parts of mining machine, and to improve the maintenance activities that are often dangerous for the employees.

The most suitable solution in this sector is the grease lubrication.

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