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DropsA exhibiting at EIMA 2021

EIMA 2021

Centralized lubrication for the agricultural sector

DropsA will be exhibiting at EIMA International 2021, the international trade show dedicated to agricultural machinery, held in Bologna from October 19th – 23rd.

DATE: October 19th - 23rd
PLACE: Bologna Exhibition Centre; Bologna                            
HALL: 15


Lubrication solutions for agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery generally operates in demanding environmental conditions, characterised by the presence of dust and debris which can damage components and cause unexpected downtime. Therefore, a lubrication solution capable of ensuring impeccable operation is essential.

Visit DropsA’s booth and discover the variety of automated lubrication systems for the numerous types of agricultural machinery, such as balers, combine harvesters, tractors, harvesting machines, seed drills, and feed mixers.

The following automated lubrication systems will be showcased at DropsA’s booth:

- Piston pumps, ideal in providing a constant and consistent amount of lubricant to machine gears and chains.

-  The PRM Pump, a sturdy and compact solution that is ideal for the automatic lubrication of agricultural machinery chains. Designed for supplying several independent lines, a maximum of 12 points.

- Automatic Omega pump, an electric grease pump suitable for small - medium sized applications. This lubrication solution is equipped with an internal control system for the managing of lubrication cycles, alarms, and controls, and can be remotely accessed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. These capabilities facilitate remote monitoring of the lubrication process while the agricultural machinery is in operation.

- The nP (nano Progressive) and nPR+ (nano Progressive Replaceable) dividers that ensure accurate disbursement of lubricant in tight places.

Join DropsA and discover the lubrication solution that best suits the needs of your agricultural machinery…We look forward to seeing you!

For more information contact us or visit the official website of the fair>>