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The new DropsA Argentina subsidiary

DropsA Argentina

01 January 2022, Buenos Aires

We are very proud to announce the opening of DROPSA ARGENTINA with the start of 2022.

After more than 25 years of uninterrupted presence in the country, DROPSA has now taken the next step and decided to provide direct representation in Argentina.

This reflects the continuous expansion and growth vision of Dropsa as the global reference brand for lubrication systems solutions providers with a stronger presence for sales service and support in south America adding to the existing Dropsa subsidiary in Sao Paulo, Brazil to service the region.

The DROPSA ARGENTINA subsidiary is managed by the same experienced team who have worked during these last 25 years and have led to Dropsa being recognized as a key player in the local market.

We are now focusing on consolidating growth in the local market, and joining DROPSA's global structure, allowing a significant evolution in the support level and availability in part due to a larger inventory of products to more readily react to the needs of our customers.

DROPSA ARGENTINA is the only company in the local market 100% dedicated as supplier of centralised lubrication systems, allowing us to provide comprehensive and independent solutions.  We are now the only company that can engineer lubrication solutions independently for ALL BRANDS of BEARINGS and LUBRICANTS reducing the requirement of expensive maintenance services.

From our headquarters, strategically based in Buenos Aires City, our warehouse and main workshop allows us to guarantee fast delivery to the entire country and meet customer demand using our network of specialised distributors and local partners across the country.

In addition to supply of DROPSA components manufactured in Milan (ITALY) our proposal is complemented by a range of services, provided by our local
specialist team including:

·     CONSULTING: Analysis, design and application development.
·     INSTALLATION: Installation, supervision and commissioning.
·     TECHNICAL SUPPORT AFTER SALES: Maintenance and supervision.
·     TRAINING: On-site and remote.

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