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The R&D department: innovative technologies and solutions

The R&D department

Tendency toward innovation

DropsA has always been oriented toward the production of innovative solutions, capable of meeting the various production needs of the customers and making the industrial lubrication sector all over the world increasingly more innovative and competitive.


The phases of R&D

The process is structured over two distinct phases: research, which consists in the conceiving and experimentation of new solutions and processes, and development, where the new proposals become concrete and functional to the application.

In order to always be capable of providing solutions that are specific and in line with the most recent technologies, strategic knowledge must be acquired and in-depth research is required on practical solutions aimed at guaranteeing maximum levels of effectiveness when they are used. 

In our headquarters located in Italy, the Research & Development department has all of the tools and innovative technologies available to ensure product development: 

- 3D, CAD/CAM modelling

- Possibility of rapid prototyping and 3D printing

- Finite Element Modelling (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

- Environments for feasibility tests 

- Equipment for product life cycle tests 

- Areas and resources specialised for the installed products

These activities allow us to design solutions in-house for lubrication at a high technological level, thanks to the automated production, processing and production systems fitted with a high product quality monitoring system. 

Results oriented
The strong tendency toward innovation and the attention to the needs of our customers allows us to continuously perfect our solutions and diversify production, allowing us to always be attentive to the problems that may arise in a lubrication process in order to always supply a product capable of maximising productivity and facilitating the customer in its use.

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