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DL 33 oil injector

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DL 33 oil injector

Precise lubrication for oil systems

- Lubricant: Oil min. 32 cSt
- Flowrate: Min 0.016 cm³  (0.001 in³) 
                  Max 0.049 cm³  (0.003 in³)
- Operating pressure: Min 52 bar (760 psi) 
                                     Max 69 bar (1000 psi)


Available from one to seven outlets.

The DL 33 oil injector provides lubricant to friction points through supply line pressure. 

Numbers 1 to 4, which correspond to one revolution, are present on the adjustment cap to facilitate flowrate regulation.

Available from one to seven outlets.

Each injector can be easily replaced or inspected without removing the unit or affecting fittings or piping and is interchangeable with relevant market components. 

This solution is ideal for lubricating medium-large bearings and is used on wind turbines, bridge cranes, machine tools, and in the canning and glass industries.



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