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Mobile Crusher

Automatic lubrication for mobile crushers

Dal Ugol (ОАО  “ДальУголь”) is mining company operating in the harsh climatic conditions of the Russian Sakhalin region. They utilize Screen Crusher Machines, made in USA, to extract coal.
After some time of lubricating them manually, the client decided to retrofit an automatic lubrication system (АЦСС) to ease the work process and reduce down time.


Important Points of the system

Automatic lubrication

Analysis of the lubrication system   

- Bravo Pump (8 kg, 12 V)
Mounted in a protective metal insulated box. The walls of the box are covered with a special heat‐retaining material and the square side walls laid with electric band for heating. Pump operation: 2 minutes of work and 60 minutes of pause.   

6, 8, 12 outlet distributors. In total we lubricate 17 bearings, 15 of which are automatically fed. The special DropsA Polar Grease, ideal for very temperatures, was provided for this system. The original lube points adaptors were replaced with BSP standard ones.

3 Systems were installed at the same time in three Russian cities, Moscow, St.Petersburg and Kemerovo. DropsA has won the tender thanks to availability of all items in its warehouse in Russia. None of DropsA competitors had a 12 V DC pump with controller available.   


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Automatic lubrication for mobile crushers DropsA
System Lubrication DropsA