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Turret Lubrication for FPSO

Marine turret lubrication for FPSO

Many EPC companies, have contacted DropsA to develop Lubrication system for turrets. The turrets are standard on FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading ) and FPO (Floating production Offloading).The specifications can very complicated mainly because ATEX regulations dominate the oil and gas industry.


Important Points of the system

Marine turret lubrication

The turret is main assembly of the whole vessel, and it is the pivot point where the vessel is able to rotate during the mooring. Most turrets are currently manufactured using bearings upto 8 meters. Due to high demand for faster oil extraction , vessel builders have to increase above 8 meters. Bearings above 8 meters diameter are hard to come by and can be very expensive. New technology has emerged by using large diameter cylinders of approximately 20 meters. The cylinders are held in place by bogies. These bogies are lubricated with grease pads at both the radial and axial wheels.


This case application was implemented using


System Lubrication DropsA
Automatic Lubrication DropsA