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Anchorage Lubrication

Anchorage Lubrication

Edison, has recently modernized the process on the Vega platform according to the new regulation. The new regulation is the minimum distance for a oil tanker to be from the main extraction platform. Once anchored the oil can be safely transferred to the vessel from the mooring. The mooring is directly connected to the platform at a safe distance of 1.5 miles.The FSO (Leonis) is able to attach directly onto the mooring system and it is able to transfer the oil constantly even in in harsh sea conditions. The vessel is able to rotate around this pivot point and the arm is able to move up and down in accordance with the wave movements.


Important Points of the system

There are 16 points in total of this system. DropsA installed 4 dual line dividers. One on each of the corners which attach to the ship.
A further 2 are placed at the point where it attaches to the mooring.Due to the hazardous area to which the lubrication system would be working in , DropsA suggested an ATEX sumo pump with ATEX dual line dividers in Stainless Steel.


This case application was implemented using


Anchorage Lubrication Soluton DropsA
Oil Lubrication DropsA