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lubrication wheelset axles

The system has been used by Laboratoires de Joigny (french subsidiary of VTG AG group ) which operates in the rental of carriages.
and they have a largest fleet of freight carriages in Europe totalling close 50.000 units.  

DROPSA FRANCE  developed the system including the custom made applicator that fits on the axle. The project was developed at Joigny in Yonne where they refurbish wheelsets for French, Belgian and German railways. As a result of the success, the French Railways ( SNCF ) has specified the use of this system to all wheelset refurbishment companies in France that supply SNCF.


Benefits achieved

DropsA Lubrication

The operator will get confirmation that the correct quantity of grease has reached the axle.
This is due to the flow meter in the system that measures the delivered grease to a 0.3 % accuracy. The dispensed grease can be logged within the PLC and a printer can be added to print date ,time and quantity dispensed. This can also act as a certificate of conformity for the customer ( printer is optional extra ). 

The precise dispensing of grease is essential to ensure no overheating of the axle due to over-greasing.
A remote alarm signal is available. In case of low level grease or lack of flow, the controller will signal an alarm.

This can be wired to a remote DCS system. In case of a low-level alarm the pump has a hoist to enable the operator to change the barrel cleanly and safely.


This case application was implemented using

Strict-Luber is a lubrication system that allows the operator to choose the measured grease quantity for multiple sized axles. The main components of the system are the Pumping Station with hoist, control panel and axle applicator. The system will work with upto NLGI 3 grease and DropsA BBTS has its own grease solution for this application which also provides a extended warranty on the system.

Two grease quantity settings are standard ( example 750gr and 1000gr ) and the system can have upto 6 settings as an optional extra. Therefore one could select having 30gr for electric motors and 750gr for axles. The system is very versatile. It allows you to vary the output pressure and also it can pump long distances if required. The pump used has a high pressure ratio of 75:1 and a high flow rate of 4,5kg per minute. The attachment applicators are customer made for each axle. The applicators are manufactured based on diameter and depth of axle. The high flow and high pressure of the pump allows for a very fast dispensing of grease which can maintain a production line with multiple
operators. The applicator has a quick fit coupling making the connect/disconnect to the axle fast and clean.


Grasse Lubrication
The operator applies the applicator then pushes the required quantity of grease.
Control panel DropsA
the control panel with 2 settings