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Oil Refinery

Lubrication Solutions for oil refinery

Oil mist systems

DropsA  specializes in building large oil mist systems typically found in oil refineries.

This case study is taken from the Abadan oil refinery, Iran. It is common that green field projects for refineries specify an oil mist lubrication system for pumps and motor bearings.


Important points of oil mist system

Lubrication Solutions DropsA

During the refining of the oil, the process pump used to transfer oil must be lubricated with Nebol (mist system). Nebol system shave to be customed designed for each refinery.

DropsA would analyse the refinery layout and determine best positions of the Nebol OMG (oil mist generator).

The system can be open or closed loop depending on customer requirements.Then DropsA would calculate mist flow to each of the lubricating points.
Some points can be PURE and some can be PURGE. The following diagrams show the difference between Pure oil mist lubrication and Purge oil mist lubrication.

To determine the correct quantity of oil mist that goes into the lube points DropsA selects from theirrange of classifiers. These essentially are nozzles which, dependent on orifice size, determine the precise mist quantity allowed through to the bearing. 


This case application was implemented using

  • Oil Mist Cabinet Generator
  • Mist Manifold
  • Reclassifies
  • Auxiliary manual pump


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